Child protection

Our Family is committed to safeguarding children from harm and to promoting the importance of educating and preparing children to be able to protect themselves. We understand that children are vulnerable and need the protection of adults—both their parents and other adults, such as their teachers, caregivers, or adults responsible for their supervision during child-oriented activities. We believe that those entrusted with the care of children are responsible to protect them and keep them safe.

Assistance to disadvantaged children

Our members have engaged in a variety of programs in Kerala aimed at assisting disadvantaged children and providing them opportunities to rise above their circumstances. These programs have included educational, motivational, and character-building programs; assistance in maintaining schools in depressed areas; material and humanitarian aid; programs in tribal colonies; vocational training for children; educational assistance and scholarship programs. We believe that every child deserves an opportunity for a bright future.


The problem.

Why are we doing this?

India needs smart villages, not just smart cities

Living a cross-continent life, we see both sides – the forefront of innovation and communities where technology is still foreign, like Padam village of Kerala in India. The kids in this village live in the confines of their traditional culture, without exposure to role models. Qualitative education opportunities are poor and youth end up living a rural lifestyle like their parents did. This is reiterated by the over-influence of religious practices, superstitions, and local politics. Earning less than $5 a day migration is not an option. Often, this leads to involvement in crime, alcoholism, drugs and violence.

And the kids who do get out, rarely come back and contribute to their society – mostly due to lack of awareness of social responsibility.

Recent statistics indicate that 80% of India’s 125 billion population live in villages and small towns. India has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35.


The program.

What are we doing?

Developing talent from a young age

Digital technology is the future of work. We are volunteering every weekend to track students at grass root level from the rural villages to help them deliver digital awareness and skill-based educational program. This includes computer training, communication skills, English lessons, character building, personality development, career guidance, skill-based training and life learning for children.

The goal of this initiative is to give them practical knowledge and develop their digital learning process.

We believe children in rural areas have better future when they are given quality education & digital skills. We will expose them to the world of possibilities, so they can start thinking about their future beyond rural lifestyle. We hope our efforts will help create jobs for thousands of women and young people in India which make a sustainable difference to people’s lives.

Digital Education For Rural Kids

We are making a lasting change in children’s lives by providing digital and skill-based education.

How you can contribute

Your Small Contribution Can Make a Big Difference in Someone's Life

Contribution of Time

When visiting Kerala / India, you can make casual visits & conduct student sessions in the village.

Contribution of Digital Learning Tools

You may donate used laptops and smart devices to village students to support their digital learning process.

Contribution of Books

You may provide books on English learning, character building, inspirational and motivational stories, career building.

Scholarship for Students

You may select one talented student, offer student education scholarship in the range of 0.50 cents a day to $1 per day.

Our Community Development Work

Apart from running the successful SmartWorker Program to solve B2B marketing issues and addressing the problems faced by the underprivileged, We also runs self-sustainable social impact programs in Kerala, India, that is completely funded by the company itself.

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