Between Hope & Opportunity

Giving back to the community where we live, work and play is the pillar of Our vision, purpose and values. It also reflects the heart and soul of our entire team.

Based on village development, Our team helping hands are working on a number of community development projects to improve the living conditions of poor villagers including sanitation, drinking water supply, housing & toilets.

If you have been thinking of going back and doing some good, don’t waste another minute on giving it a second thought. Small or big, a helpful gesture could do wonders for those who need it the most.

How you can contribute

Your Small Contribution Can Make a Big Difference in Someone's Life

Contribution of Time

When visiting Kerala / India, you can make casual visits & conduct student sessions in the village.

Contribution of Digital Learning Tools

You may donate used laptops and smart devices to village students to support their digital learning process.

Contribution of Books

You may provide books on English learning, character building, inspirational and motivational stories, career building.

Scholarship for Students

You may select one talented student, offer student education scholarship in the range of 0.50 cents a day to $1 per day.

You Can Trust Us

We have created over 100 jobs in villages and distributed over $400k in wages. We opened our first office in an Indian village and employed 35 full-time workers. Many of the workers have been able to make career progression to larger companies.


New jobs in India, Philippines, Singapore






Lives impacted